Remodeling Myth #1 - The Three-Bid Rule

by John Sperath 29. October 2012 14:23

Get three “bids” to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.

If you needed heart surgery, would you ever consider asking three surgeons to submit bids and then go with the lowest price?  The answer is an emphatic, "Of course not!"

The three-bid rule appears to work because it assumes everything to be equal except the bid price.  The underlying premise is the three bidders all do the same quality work, have assessed and calculated the exact same scope of work, reviewed the same blueprints and specifications in exactly the same way so the owner can compare “apples-to-apples.”  This is especially untrue if the discussion is in the very early stages of design before plans and specifications are drawn.  The three-bid rule reduces each remodeler to a number, when the most relevant factors for the owner's satisfaction are the builder's skill, ability, experience, personality, and record of success.

Selecting a professional remodeling firm necessitates a change in how homeowners should select the best contractor.  Specifically, the old practice of collecting three bids and choosing the lowest to select a contractor is a potential for an unsuccessful and disappointing project result.

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