Remodeling Myth #2 – The Design

by John Sperath 5. November 2012 14:24

Hire a professional designer before a contractor.

It's a good idea to hire your remodeler and design professional at the same time or consider working with a contractor who offers design/build services.  Having both fields working together from the beginning will avoid unnecessary headaches.  Remodelers know the construction field.  A good architect or designer has a portfolio of creative design ideas.  By working together, the designer and the remodeling firm facilitate coordinating the project design and budget.

As the client, you won't be as tempted to "just draw it in," only to find out later that you have dramatically increased the cost of your project.  Having your contractor by your side will help you stay realistic.

If you aren't sure where to begin, start with the person who is going to build your project and ask for his or her recommendations.  Consider a design/build remodeling firm, one that understands and provides both the design phase and the construction.  

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